You Do So Much for Others During the Holidays—Why Not Do Something for YOU That Still Gives Back?

Burn Excess Fat, Inches, and Weight in Only 21 Days So That You Can Feel Beautiful and Confident This Holiday Season...AND Give Hope to The Children Who Need it Most

Introducing Blast Fat, Give Back -
The Only 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge That Gives 100% of the Proceeds to Toys for Tots!

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    Like You, Most British Want to Help Children in Need. Most British Also Want to Lose Weight.

    And since you qualify for a 61% discount, now you can do BOTH! Tone up your legs, tummy, waist, and thighs FAST and help an important cause at the same time!

    $197 Now Only $77!


    Exclusive Members Edition of Real Healthy Recipes Magazine from Expert Weight Loss Chef, Diana Keuilian! ($50 value)

    Our special 61% off promotion ends in:

    Why a Discount?

    Because we know your kids need gifts too! Still, if you really want to give more to the Toys for Tots kids, we’ll set up a special donation box for big-hearted challenge-takers like you!

    Let’s be honest: holidays are tough. You’re running around trying to plan parties, gifts, and get-togethers for all your friends and family, not to mention showing up and being tempted by endless trays of dessert…

    Plus, you feel in your heart this deep desire to give back and do something for charity, but when are you going to do it? Your schedule is packed already!

    You are so generous and you put in so much work to create holiday magic for everyone else—you deserve to do something FUN and HEALTHY just for you, and you deserve to have an awesome group of women inspiring you and cheering you on.

    That’s why we created Blast Fat, Give Back—for holiday magic makers like you! It’s a three week group personal training program with professional personal trainers who will help you burn fat and melt inches off with our specialized 30-minute “Afterburn” workouts.

    Imagine...cuddling up with your special someone...all bundled up...feeling totally comfortable and happy with your body...

    If that’s the kind of “holiday magic” you want this year, you’ve come to the right place!

    Over the years we have helped thousands of men and women reach and exceed their fitness goals. In fact, many of our clients have come to us after trying everything they could to lose the weight and get into shape.

    They were fed up with their old boring workout routines that just weren’t delivering the results they wanted. They felt alone with very little support and were looking for a fitness and fat loss program that worked and didn't require a lot of time.

    Sound familiar? Like everything you’ve tried has let you down?

    Well that is why we created our Blast Fat, Give Back 3-week challenge! For frustrated people like you who want fast results with a program that is guaranteed to work, AND for people who want to give back to charity in a fun, group-oriented way.

    Our goal is to help you lose a lot of fat, inches, and pounds in a short amount of time so that you will feel hopeful, motivated and most of all HAPPY again.

    Yes, we've found that to be the #1 thing to keep people motivated!

    Here’s what you can expect to happen during the Blast Fat, Give Back challenge...

    •   Lose fat from your belly, hips and thighs
    •   Tone and tighten your arms and legs while flattening your abs
    •   Get stronger, more confident and have more energy
    •   Lose weight and inches from all the right spots
    •   Look stunning in your best party dress


    We can only take on 11 more participants this season—and we want one of those spots to be yours.

    So if you’re serious about getting in shape, looking and feeling your best, and giving back to the kids who need it most, then this is the program for you! And since we've lowered the price to ONLY $77, there’s no better time to get the body you’ve been wishing for than now.


    Exclusive Members Edition of Real Healthy Recipes Magazine from Expert Weight Loss Chef, Diana Keuilian! ($50 value)

    So what’s the secret to getting faster results? We take your workouts one step further by adding in the element of power and resistance training to turbo charge your fat burning results in only 21 days! We call it the “Afterburn Effect”, and you’ll be amazed at how fast it will melt off the excess pounds and inches.

    And it all starts with you making the decision to enroll today.

    Andra C.

    I Lost 20 LBS!

    When I came to Fit Body Boot Camp I lost over 20 pounds in 7 weeks for my wedding. I ended up losing a total of over twenty inches (6 inches in my waist) and my dress had to be taken in 4 times. I am glad I went to the Fit Body Boot Camp.


    Back in a bikini

    A year ago I said I wanted to wear a bikini again. I never would have imagined that I would get here with two small kids and a full-time job. Now I sleep better and have more energy too.

    Gaby Garcia

    I’ve lost over 25 lbs

    My name is Gabriela Garcia and joining Fit Body Boot Camp has helped me lose weight with the right tools. I’ve lost over 25 lbs., and my pant size went from a size 14 to a size 10. Being part of FBBC has not only made me lose weight, but it also gave me confidence, motivation, and increased my self-esteem. Each day I am more energetic and disciplined toward achieving my goal.

    Jori Esthetician

    I Lost Over 70 LBS!

    At Fit Body Boot Camp my instructor helped me lose over 70 lbs and keep it off. I feel so much better about myself. I can fit into clothes I haven’t worn in a very long time and feel great about the way I look. Now I have the body of an athlete, unimaginable since I’ve always been a chubby girl

    Fit Body Boot Camp offers workout sessions throughout the week in the morning before work and school hours and in the evening after work and school hours. So we’ve got a workout time that will fit your schedule! And since the workouts are only 30 minutes long, you can be in and out in no time.

    Have questions or want to enroll over the phone? Call

    The “fine print”: Offer available to New Clients Only. Offer limited to only one program per person. Offer only available to local residents. Cannot be combined with any other offer. We are not liable for any injuries before, during, or after your workout, but we do our best to keep you safe anyway. If you care to see our full policy, check out the link below. The Blast Fat, Give Back Program is available Online Only. Smile often, it's good for the soul. And choose to be happy, life's better that way!